Veiled peasant girls! (lykkemat)
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Veiled peasant girls!

Whats with the headline you ask? Well, this desserts name translated from norwegian to english, I say!

Its a funny name, and possible Sweden has a better name for it; Angels food! This dessert has always been a favourite of mine. I normally only eat it at Christmas Eve, but now I have composed a version without sugar and breadcrumbs, which is important ingredients in this delicious dessert! Now is the time to indulge in all the delicious apples, and this dessert really brings out the best in them!

First, peel and slice your apples, I remove both skin and seeds.Sprinkle cinnamon on top and bake at 200 degrees celcius for about 50-60 minutes

Once out of the owen, use a fork and mash the apples fine, with almost no chunks.

Let it cool. You might want to make the apples a day in advance. Also these mashed apples are delicious to eat as is!

Now its time to prepare the breadcrumbs, or to be precise, the not breadcrumbs but the almond crumbs! Chop almonds in a blender with knifes, you want it to be a combination of almost flour and some larger bits. Stir in a good portion of butter! I use about five spoons of almond and three spoons of butter! You might want to use your hands to evenly stir the almonds and the butter together. Spred the mix on a baking plate.

Bring the owen to 175 degrees celcius and bake for about ten minutes. Let cool. Use a fork and stir until you have a chunky flour, it smells delicious!

Now its time for the whipped cream! You can whip it without any sweetening or use your preferred sweetening. I use coconut palm sugar, and I really recommend it for this dessert. Its perfect! Once your cream is whipped, you can start layering. You can make one large batch of this dessert in a big bowl or make portion sizes. Today, I made one large portion for myself to indulge in!

Start with whipped cream, your first layer, followed by the almond and butter crumbs.

Next layer is of cours the applesauce. Now you start all over again, whipped cream, almond and butter crumble and apple sauce on top. Now is the time to wrap it up. A nice thick layer of cream followed by a light sprinkle of almond and butter crumbs! Voila, finished!

SO GOOD! Enjoy! And let me know if you made this!

Remember; always cook with your heart :)

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