Fermenting - I am hooked! (lykkemat)
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Fermenting - I am hooked!

Since I started investigating online how to cure my inflammations, fatigue and autoimmune disease, I early on noticed all the references to probiotics. I bought capsules from health food store and took them with all my other vitamins and glutamins. After a while I begun to focus more on getting all the vitamins, antioxidant and minerals from my food and not from pills. I believe the body recognise and are able to make better use of these once they come from their original sources. I early on started to make my own bone broth, which I let simmer for 72 hours to get all the gelatine and amino acids my body needed to heal. Once I learned what I could and could not eat, my health gradually started to improve! I was so happy! And I finally could believe I would be cured and able to start working again. Unfortunately, every time I experienced a bit of stress or ate something on my no-list, my body responded with headache, fatigue and sore muscles. And when my no-list of food contained ingredients like pepper, tomatoes, dairy-products, nuts, grains, legumes and so on, you understand the difficulty of maintaining my health optimal. I will make another post about my diet and exercise routine. It has all been a learning curve and really very challenging at times.

But now its about probiotics! Once I learned that getting all my nutritional content from real food, and preferably organic ones, I had to investigate more about probiotics. Naturally I had read and heard a lot about kimchi, combutcha and sauerkraut. In Norway we have long traditions fermenting cabbage, salmon and grains (beer :)) and milk kefir of course. But none of these are available in store with lactic acid (some yoghurts and milk kefir provides a small amount of the bacteria, but not enough!)! And it is the lactic acid bacteria you want! I won't bore you with long descriptions about lactic acid bacteria, but in short, they work with your original bacteria in your gut, healing your gut walls and fight of the bad bacterias. A quick search on the internet will provide you with a lot of information about fermenting, lactic acid bacteria and how important this is for your gut! This is a good article to read.

Three versions of sauerkraut. From left; cabbage, pineapple, ginger and turmeric, the purple one is only red cabbage, and last one is rutabaga (klrot), carrot and ginger.

After reading several hundreds of articles online about gut bacterias and how they will improve your health, I was finally ready to try it myself. I was a bit concerned about bacterias and me making them in my kitchen. We have been warned about bacterias for so long that me accepting them as friends was a bit of a concern for me... But, you are so much more motivated to try new things when you are sick and all you want to do is heal. I requested a membership in a facebook page for lactic acid and learned a lot by reading what the member posted about water kefir, fermented cabbage, combutcha etc. One day, a woman posted that she had water kefir grains to give away, only 20 minutes by car from my home! The day after, I came home with my little darlings in a small yar. Oh happy days, I was finally ready for my first batch of water kefir!

This one is flavoured with blackcurrant which gives a beautiful red color. Waterkefir tastes a bit like a limonade. But if you let it sit to long it tastes really sour and smells like a brewery! If you want to ferment water kefir you need kefir grains!

The kefir grain look a bit like cottage cheese which has been washed :) They are different in sizes, the ones I got originally was a lot smaller, but since they are living organisms they grow and multiply.

Action on my kitchen bench! The raisins and the kefir grains moves up and down during the fermentation process! Its a lot of fun to watch!

Big production! What you see from left is two jars of sauerkraut, one small jar water kefir, one jar with beets and one big jar of water kefir.

Making water kefir and fermented vegetables is easy, but it requires patient and a bit work slicing and massaging and measure up ingredients. But its worth it!

Watch out for my next articles on this blog, I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make both water kefir and fermented vegetables.

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