Lamb and cabbage stew! Fårikål! (lykkemat)
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Lamb and cabbage stew! Fårikål!

This is the day of the Norwegian national dish: Fårikål, pronounced "forrycoal", which means lamb and cabbage. This dish is super easy to make and tastes amazing! And it is as Paleo as it gets: Only three ingredients, easy to make, its seasonal food and rich in flavours and nutrition! Do make it, and here is how:

You need about 1 kg of lamb meat, preferable meat with bones and fat (make the broth tastes so good) 1 large cabbage and lots of black peppercorns


Slice the cabbage in large chunks and layer the meat and the cabbage in your pot with peppercorn in between the layers. Fill approximately 3 or 4 dl of water in the pot and let is simmer on low heat for about two hours with a lid on. Once ready, eat! So delicious and no wonder this is called the national dish of Norway!

I hope you try to make this!



Remeber to cook with your heart :)


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