Waffle Day! (lykkemat)
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Waffle Day!

Norwegian version here

Today is the big Waffle Day! Nothing beats a warm, sweet, soft and a bit crispy waffle! I have made my own version, without raffined sugar and white flour. And they are still so good!

What you need:

1 dl finely grounded spelt flour

1,5 dl quick cooking oats

2 tbs coconut palm sugar

1 ts baking soda

1/4 ts salt

1 ts cardamom

3 tbs melted butter

3 dl milk (any kind you prefer)

1 egg whipped

What you do: Mix together all the dry ingredients in a baking bowl. Stir in milk and egg and finaly add the butter. Mix well and let the batter sit for about 15 minutes before you cook your waffles! Using a scandinavian waffel iron makes about 5-6 waffles.

Do you want to know a bit more about waffles and why today is the big waffle day? Here's some info I found at Wilfas very own waffle page online, vaffeldagen.no :)

The waffle day on 25th of march has its origin in Sweden. March 25th is traditionally the Annunciation Day, where Maria is told that she is pregnant with Jesus. But what has that got to do with waffles? The explanation might be that  Maria was called "Vr Fru" (our mrs), the Annunciation Day was then called "vrfrudag" which, if you say this a couple of times fast, sounds like vaffeldag... 

Another explenation could be that at this time a year there would be easier access to milk and eggs after long winterdays. So one might think that a celebration using these ingridients could take place. 

The history of the waffle:

The beginning of the waffle takes place in the ancient Greece, where the greeks fried flat cakes between two hot plates of metal. The handle was made of wood. This form of cooking spred throughout of Europe during the Middle Age. The first waffel irons was made in Germany and Holland in about 1300. Skilled craftsmen made waffel irons with the patterns we use today. The waffles was traditionally made with barley and was fried over open fire or in an own.

The upperclass had their waffle irons made with ornaments or the familys emblem. The first electric iron was made in USA in 1911, it was advanced for its time and even had a thermostat!

Did you know that:

The original word "wafel" is Dutch?

In the Middle Ages people sold waffles outside the churces for an extra income? In France, King Charles IX had to introduce a waffe-law because there were so many people fighting for a space outside the churces. The law stated that there had to be at least 4 meters between every booth.

The heart shaped waffle wich is common in Scandinavia are probably from Germany. In other countries the waffles are mostly squared, large or round or even shaped like a piece of cake.

Happy Waffle Day!

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